2XU Compression Packaging

56 Unique Designs

Working with agency partners on 2XU’s brand repositioning, updating their Compression Packaging was an opportunity to drive customer education in retail environments through creativity and systemised communication of product form, function and tiering.

The product range is split into 4 purpose-drive categories: Prepare, Perform, Recover and Core. From there, it is divided into relevant use-cases including performance, use-case and garment length.

2XU Range Tiering
2XU Range Colours Womens

Each category has an identifiable colour for range segmentation and in-store customer navigation, whilst each product has a unique design to promote engagement, education and overall brand presence.

2XU Box Detail Insert
2XU Box Detail Rear
A dynamic template supporting mass-import of imagery and copy ensures consistency of visual storytelling standards at a granular level.
Box Detail Rotation
2XU Box Packaging Range