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Branding & Positioning

Marlo is a truly a brand with passion at it’s core – everything from the founder’s vision for quality, sustainability and inclusion set a high standard for us whilst concepting this brand, refining it’s position and ultimately linking every creative component back to it’s core values. This included branding, customer segmentation, brand value workshops, guidelines for image direction, social media, display ads, digital, packaging and more.


Evoking emotions that surfers are familiar with, long days surfing with friends trading waves in perfect beach breaks, traveling to remote locations around the world in search of the perfect break or simply unwinding with friends sharing stories and reminiscing on what was, Marlo endeavours to empower surfers, young and old, to maintain a healthy body and mind from pre-surf, during surf through to post-surf and recovery.

Marlo provides tailored products that focus on protecting, replenishing and fueling surfers in a holistic manner to enhance recovery and improve performance. Providing the surfer with piece of mind knowing they have looked after their body internally and externally. The products are formulated in mind with health-conscious surfers ensuring that products are reef safe & all natural. 

Marlo Customer Segmentation
Marlo Customer Segmentation
Marlo Customer Segmentation

Targeting three main groups within the surfing community, Marlo’s holistic product solution is accessible for all regardless of age or skill level. All you need is a passion for health, wellness and preserving the environment:

The Take-Off crowd are the newbies. They may have grown up with surfing or be entirely new to the sport and are heavily invested in the endeavour. They are willing to invest a higher percentage of their assets in products and services that promise to improve their surf. They are heavily connected to the world through social media and care deeply about subjects that they are passionate about. They are generally environmentally conscious.

The Kahuna, or magician surfers are at the top of their game. They have a lethal combination of passion and experience and can carve a difficult wave with ease. They are often competitive thrill seekers who are invested in continual improvement and performance.

Generally defined by their easy-going and carefree attitude, Hang Loose is typically a veteran surfer. They have surfed for most of their life in swells across the country and abroad and are typically well rooted in their local surfing community and have deep connections to the ocean.

The Marlo brand is underpinned with a colour palette designed to be natural, modern and distinctive.

Drawing inspiration from the marvel of our natural world, this core colour pallete forms the foundation for a strong relationship between the Marlo brand and it’s audience of surfers, swimmers, ocean lovers and environmental conservationists.

Different combinations of these colours can dramatically change the tone and appearance of our brand assets so it is important to consider how they work together.

Keeping colour consistent is a vital element to our branding. Colour is the way we differentiate and identify our brand in a crowded marketplace. To help achieve greater brand recognition it is important that our colour
palette is applied accurately and consistently.
Marlo Brand Colours
Marlo Secondary Colours

Made to replenish your body after a full day in the water, Marlo’s Nutrition Segment offers the perfect post-surf bite. Packed with natural ingredients to aid in a slow carbohydrate release to promote muscle recovery. By boosting your energy levels, this range will help you stay on top of your game and nail your next wave.

Whether it’s the early morning risers, or the post-school surfers, our Protection Segment caters for all skin types, so you can be protected for hours on end. Just rub it in at least twenty minutes before you head out on the waves and you’re good to go. Easy as.

Marlo Brand Guidelines

Tone of Voice

Marlo caters to the urban surfer – those who want to focus on recovery and have their bodies in mind. By aiming to empower individuals to perform at their best, the tone of voice of Marlo has to keep this in mind to engage the desires audience target market.

Marlo aims at having an educational, but sincere tone, allowing key messages to capture the reader’s attention and to provide an authentic relationship. Marlo takes an enthusiastic, straight-to-the-point stance with their branding, focused on the product and how it can deliver – after all, surfers are up early and are ever consumed by catching waves and their next ride. It is also key to focus on the environmental aspects of the products, being reef safe and non-toxic for our waterways.

By capturing an inclusive and lighthearted tone of voice for the brand through an environmentally conscious stance, capturing all of Marlo’s audience segments is crucial to the brands standing point in the surfing world – playing at a more carefree tone, to attract all types of surfing individuals, targeting both expert surfers and those who are new to swells. Ultimately, Marlo aims to evoke emotions surfers are familiar with, and allow them to reminisce on good times in the past.

By focusing on the value propositions ‘Protect, Replenish and Conserve’ throughout the tone of voice, this will allow a full circular engagement with their audience.


Chocolate Nutrition Bar

Made to replenish your body during or after a full day on the water, Marlo’s Nutrition Bar is the perfect bite that packs a punch. Loaded with pea protein, vitamins, calcium and L-Glutamine to aid in a slow carbohydrate release to promote muscle recovery. By boosting your energy levels, the delicious chocolate flavoured bar will help you stay on top of your game and nail your next wave.

Features and Benefits

  • Packed with vitamins and minerals for slow released energy
(meaning you’ll be on-top of your surf game for longer)
  • Aids in muscle recovery
  • Vegan-friendly and environmentally conscious
  • Delicious chocolate flavour
  • Includes minerals such as L-Glutamine, Calcium, Phosphorous,
  • Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Vitamin E and Iron to promote healthy living
  • Easy to transport in a surf bag for on-the-go access, wherever you are
  • Small in size, but packed with flavour (50g bar)
Marlo Packaging Protection
Marlo Packaging Nutrition